Wolverine (Logan) is on the mission with the other X-men to find out who's behind the missing mutants. He has quick healing, strength, agility, and heighten senses (and a shor temper). An experiment, by some mysterious scientists, gave him anamantiuim bones and and extendable claws. He lead a long and difficult life. He also hates Sabretooth, a mutant with similar powers he used to work with.
Origin: X-men


The X-men returns home.

Wolverine loves Jean Grey, but she in love with Scott.

He destroys some stuff and leaves. "Take care of her Summers."

He decides to go to Japan for a vacation.

In Japan, he encounters Silver Samuarai.

He can't go on vacation without without having to save the day.

Marvel Super Heroes ending
X-men vs Street Fighter ending
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Marvel vs Capcom ending

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