Siegfried's Fighter Mania
This is one of our favorite sites with lots of sprite rips from a lot of fighting games. We got some sprite rips from here. Also, we send a lot to him.

This is a very popular site with lots of sprite rips and fanart. One of our edited gifs is here.

VG Museum
A great site with lots of videogame stuff, art and endings. We sent one in too.

Prime Art
There are many cool sprite edits here.

Inner Circle Advance
Solid Soul's site with loads of sprites and edits.

Sprite Central
A great sprite rip site.

Azrael AoD
Samanosuke of the Saito Clan
Necro Zero
Shawny Delacroix
Talbain and Cammy Forever!
Nero Man
Sean's Vizinhanca
VFX Mugen
Shin Shoryuken World
David Stewart
VS series

Here are some banners for Sprite Rip City.

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