Don't steal these. We worked hard on them. All of the bases are from offical sprites.

Aerofighter2 new intro
Andy and Mai dancing
Athena Team in KOF' 95
Battle Circuit ending
Comics - 1 2 3
Contra from Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis
Our Create-A-DarkStalker for Cammyfan
Dan and his sister Gadoken! (animated gif)
Dragon Punch - Ryu & Ken Shoryuken
Double Dramatic BattleRyu/Ken vs Sagat/Bison
Dungeon & Dragons : Shadow over Mystara select screen
Galford and Charlotte in Samuari Shodown 4
Gambit and Rogue from X-men
Guile's ending in Street Fighter 2
Guy vs Cody in Street Fighter Alpha
JLA - Batman vs Steel
Kazuki & Sogestu fake ending in Samuari Shodown 4
Ken's ending in Pocket Fighter 2
Ken's ending in Street Fighter 2
Marvel vs Capcom - Ryu vs Ken
M.Bison's ending in Marvel vs Street Fighter
Metal Slug endings
Ryu and Ken - Shin Hadoken
Ryu and Ken - Intro
Sakura vs Karin - Sakura vs Karin in SF Alpha 2
Street Fight - Ryu & Ken in Final Fight
Swat - a swat team

sprite edits

Comic Book Heroes
Delta Red Team
Different Darkstalkers
Final Fight
King of Fighter
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Megan Man
Street Fighter 1
Street Fighter 3
Street Fighter EX
Street Fighter Misc characters
Street Fighters with guns
Street Fighters stuff

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