Street Fighter Alpha 3

Sagat is the Emperor of Muy Thai and was the champion of the world until Ryu defeated him. He fought for revenge, but realize his hatred limits him. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, he must M. Bison from using Ryu, because he wants a rematch with Ryu.
Origin: Street Fighter 1


After the fight, M. Bison put Psycho Power in Ryu.
He tries to use Ryu to stop Sagat, ...

... but Sagat's words got to Ryu.

Ryu destroys M.Bison.

Ryu isn't a master yet and will fight Sagat when he is.
Sagat believe its his destiny to defeat Ryu.

Street Fighter Alpha ending
Street Fighter Alpha 2 ending
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo ending

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