Alien vs Predator

Aliens attacked California. They were harvested by humans for commercial purposes. Maj. Schaefer and Lt. Kurosawa were sent to to eliminate the threat. They're joined by two Predators, a warrior and a hunter. The four of them set out to destroy all the aliens on Earth.

(credit roll editted out and transparency is changed to pixels)


After defeating the Alien Queen...

...they escaqe in the escape pod.

They set the ship to crash on the base.

It kills all remaining aliens.

Back on Earth, the Predators gave the humans the Queen's tail hook

Schaefer and Kurosawa ask why the Predators helped them.

The Predators aim the guns at them...

... and said they'll know later.

Then they turn on their cloaking devices...

... and leave in their ship.

Schaefer and Kurosawa will be ready to fight them next hunting season.

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