July 4, 2004
Happy Idependence Day! This is Sprite Rip City's 4th year online. We have been down for a while, but its good to be back.
New Ending - Kim Wu KI2 (Thanks WilHiteWarrior)
New Sprites - Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves, Dungeons & Dragons (Mud Golem), Samurai Shodown (Amakusa), King of Fighter (Mai, Terry), Street Fighter (Ryu, Sakura)
New Art - Street Fighter 3 (Ken, Ryu, Chun li, Akuma, Alex, Remy, Oro, Yin, Yun), Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Hayato, Cable), King of Fighter (Moe)

September 12, 2003
New Sprites - Pocket Fighters and Samurai Shodown(Kuroko)

July 4, 2003
Happy Idependence Day! Its also Sprite Rip City's birthday. Its been a pretty good 3 years. Oh well, on to the good stuff.
New Sprites - Caveman Ninja, Dungeons and Dragons
New Art - Ryu & Ken (hadoken and intro) and Comics

June 20, 2003
We're BACK!
New Sprites - Marvel Misc 3, Akuma (SF Misc 2)
New Art - Dan (SF stuff)

Feburary 28, 2003
New Sprites - KOF (Mai and Shingo), Darkstalkers (Felicia), Street Fighter (Misc 7 & 8)
New Art - Different Darkstalkers

January 31, 2003
New Art - Street Fighter Stuff, KOF, MvC2 (Jill Valentine)

January 21, 2003
New Endings - Street Fighter Alpha 3

December 31, 2002
Well, it's the last day of 2002. We hope you had a good year and hope the next will be better. We are adding some winning stances and poses for the Street Fighters in SSF2.
November 14, 2002
New Sprites - The pilots from Cyberbots.

October 14, 2002
New Sprites - Street Fighter (Misc), Capcom (Jin, Strider), Marvel (Cyclops, Gambit, Hulk, Spiderman, Venom, Wolverine), KOF (Andy, Angel, Athena, Blue Mary, Hinako, Joe, K', Kim, Kyo, Mei Li, Robery, Ryo, Takuma, Terry, Xiangfei, Yuri), and the much requested Cyberbots

October 1, 2002
New Sprites - DarkStalkers (Lilith, Morrigan, and Lord Raptor, Misc 3-8) and AvP
New Endings - Nightwarriors extra ending pictures, Thanks Jared Toller

September 23, 2002
New sprites - KOF 2001, Capcom vs SNK, Samurai Showdown (Nakaruru, Mizuki, Kuroko, Galford, Amakusa), and Darkstakers (Rikou, Hsien ko)

September 13, 2002
Oh yeah, and a new Captain America Sprite. Forgot it last time.

September 10, 2002
New Sprites - Dungeons & Dragons, Street Fighter (Ken & Ryu), Metal Slug, Sengoku3, KOF (King), and AvP

August 26, 2002
New Sprites - KOF (18), Anakaris's curse (DarkStalker Misc 2), Ryu
New Artworks - Swat

August 5, 2002
Here's over 150 new King of Fighters sprites, including strikers.

July 4, 2002
Another year, another update. It has been two years since Sprite Rip City came to be. Every annivesary, it is good to take a little look back over the year, or years, and reflect on everything. Good times. Anyway, today, we have a few Samurai Shodown sprite rips and a new sprite edit in Artworks, under Different Darkstalkers.
There are still lots more sprites, endings, edits, and more to come.

June 6, 2002
New Sprites - Anakaris, Bishamon, Captain Commando, Lord Raptor, Morrigan, Strider, and Storm
New Endings - Donovan, Hsien ko, Glacius (2 and 4 have bigger scanned screens)
New Art - redid Protoman (Megaman), Ishisaki (SF stuff)

May 11, 2002
Sorry about all the bandwidth problems lately. We are setting up a new site.
New Sprites - Devilot
New Art - Batman (Comic Book Heroes), Bass (Megaman), Battle Circuit, Chun li (Street Fighter stuff), and Demon (Different Darkstalkers)

March 30, 2002
New Sprite - Mr. Karate (Takuma) thanks Super_Shin_Ryu
New Art - Comic book (Scarlet Spider and AphroditeIX) and Final Fight (El Gado)

March 9, 2002
New Art - Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Hayato and Marrow), KOF (Moe Habanna)
New Sprite - Moe Habana (KOF EX)

February 24, 2002
New Sprites - KOF 2001, in KOF misc 2, thanks Solid Soul
We also put in some new links. Sorry for the lack of updates, but we have been and will be very busy. Until next time, take care.

January 22, 2002
New Sprites - Samurai Shodown (Zankuro), Metal Slug, Final Fight, and King of Fighters '99 - '00
Also, gave the fighters in KOF their own sprite pages and new examples on editing sprites.

January 7, 2002
New sprites - KOF Korean Team
New Art - Shadowgeist and Vulcano (SFEX), Cable and Ruby Heart (MvC2)
New Ending - Alien vs Predator

January 1, 2002
Happy New Year everyone.
New sprites - Samurai Shodown (1,2,4)
New Art - Blade and Pollum (sfmisc)

December 24, 2001
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
New sprites - King of Fighters (94-98), Caveman Ninja, and The Simpsons.

December 17, 2001
New Sprites - Cyber Akuma, Shadow, Shadowlady, T. Hawk, Felicia, Pyron, Rikuo, Sasquatch, Jin, Megaman, Michelle Hart, Norimaro, Dr. Doom, Mephisto, Sentinel, Thanos
New Art - Street Fighter Misc, Comic Book Heroes, Metal Slug endings
Also corrected many mistakes. Thanks Tzar.

November 14, 2001
New Art : Combic Book Heros (Superman and Supergirl)
New Endings : X-men, Killer Instinct, and and Killer Instinct 2
Well, not all of KI2, because two of Glacius's endings are missing. We have the official guide of KI2 and tried (many times) to get all of them. We got two which are not in the book - a Glacius and a Kim Wu. We scanned in the last images and put them up to complete the endings, but we're not giving up on them.

October 20, 2001
New Art : Rolento in SF with guns, Jon & Felicia, Mega Man, and Ken's Pocket Fighter ending.
New Sprites : Wolverine, Omega Red, Sabretoot, Juli, Juni, Jessica, Storm, Fei Long, Devilot.
And now, for a taste of things to come... Killer Instinct endings 1 and 2.

October 10, 2001
New Art : Q in Street Fighter 3.
New Sprites : Killer Instint 2.
New Endings : Pyron and Huitzil in DarkStalker

September 25, 2001
New sprites : Jedah, Juli, Juni, and Karin
We also added a bunch of links in our link section to other great sites. There's lots of sprites, edits, and drawings.

September 19, 2001
New sprites : Marvel (Misc 1), Street Fighter (Cammy, Chun li, Dan, Juli, Juni, M.Bison, R.Mika, and Sodom), Misc(Caveman Ninja)
New art : Sakura, Gambit & Rouge

September 12, 2001
Upload new artwork (Street Fighter 3) and new sprites (Street Fighter - Balrog, Blanka, Cammy, Chun li, Cody, E. Honda, Hsien-ko, Ibuki, Morrigan, R.Mika, Sakura, Strider, Tessa, Vega).
Also, we put in an example of how to edit sprites in Artworks page.

September 8, 2001
Put up new sprites (Blood Storm, Caveman Ninja, Dark Legend, Three Dirty Dwarves, Time Killer, and the alien queen in AvP) and new ending (Caveman Ninja)

September 2, 2001
New artwork - Necro, Remi (SF3) , Hugo/Andore (SF3/Final Fight), Dean, Lucia, Abigail (Final Fight), and Zeku (SFmisc)
New sprites - Adon, Anakaris, BB Hood, Birdie, Bishamon, Charlie, Demitri, Dhalsim, Donovan, Felicia, Gen, Guile, Guy, Hsienko, Huitzil, Ken, Lord Raptor, Morrigan, Psylocke, Q Bee, Rikuo, Rouge, Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, Sasquatch, Silver Samurai, Spiral, Victor, Zangief, and Marvel misc1

August 29, 2001
New artworks - Final Fight, Street Fighter 3
New sprites - Rolento, Dungeons & Dragons, and Alien vs Predator

August 21, 2001
New artworks - Sakura vs Karin and Street Fighter Misc. New Sprites - Alien vs Predator, Huitzil, elicia, and Jon Tailban

August 7, 2001
We made this for the Create-A-Darkstalker contest at Cammyfan. "Wow, this is as good as .GIF modification gets!" - Stefan99.
Put up new Artworks (Street Fighter 3, Final Fight) and Sprites (Norimaro, the cop that chases after Cody, Dungeons & Dragons, Alien vs Predator)

July 24, 2001
New sprites - Q.Bee, Magneto, Marvel Misc2, Apoculypse's prisoners, SF Misc2, Kei (Sakura's page), and Birdie (Sabretooth)
New artworks - Street Fighter 3 (Alpha versions), Street Fighter Misc (Go Hibiki), Final Fight, Ken, Ryu, and Chun li

July 7, 2001
New sprites - Ken and Ryu
New artworks - Final Fight, Street Fighter 1, 3, EX, and Movie (These are just "Alpha" versions of some other fighters.), re-done Guy vs Cody.

July 4, 2001
Load up sprites Chun li, Megaman, Roll, Lilith, Morrigan, Pyron, Jedah, and Victor. Also add intro pictures for Pocket Fighter.
Well, it has been one year since we open this site up. We like to look back and see what was done. Lets see...not much. We spend more time playing games than ripping sprites from them. Making this page was fun, so you can look foward to more good stuff. Happy Independence day (USA).

June 22, 2001
Load up sprites for Captain Commando, Forge (Storm's sprite page), Mojo (Spiral's sprite page) and Jean Grey.

June 15, 2001
Added sprites for Lord Raptor, Jedah, Bishamon, and Demitri's curses, and Street Fighter Alpha extra endings. Last but not least, a lot of new artworks.

June 11, 2001
Put up Marvel Super Heroes endings, Darkstalker endings, a few Darkstalker sprites (Demitri, Victor, Sasquatch, Huitzil, Shadow, and Marionet), and Khameleon(MK).

March 13, 2001
Put up Marvel sprites, Victor friends - Professor and Emily in Darkstalker sprites, Vampire Savior endings, X-men vs Street Fighter endings, Marvel vs Street Fighter endings, and Marvel vs Capcom endings.

January 30, 2001
Put up a bunch of new sprites.

August 29, 2000
We finally got the endings for Mortal Kombat Trilogy and we didn't have to beat Kahn. Just win the 8 player tournment to get them. We also put up Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, Marvel, Darkstalkers, and other Capcom sprites up. Our Links and Artworks page is up but there is not much in them. Until next update, see ya.

July 15, 2000
We add the Pocket Fighter endings and fix some links. The next game will probably be Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

July 4, 2000
Just put up the web page.

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