Adam & Eve

One night, two Darkstalkers woke up in a dark laboratory. Almost everything in the lab was destroyed. Broken glass and pieces of equipment littered the floor. There are cages with dead monsters inside, containers with organs floating in some liquid, and giant machines.
They also found two books. The first one was written by Dr. von Gerdenheim. Inside they found diagrams for a creature named "Victor." Another scientist wrote the second book. In it, the two Darkstalkers learned that he stole Gerdenheim's research after his death. Instead of using human remains, he worked with Darkstalker body parts. He created them and named them "Adam" and "Eve."
Not knowing what to do, and having little memory, Adam and Eve set out to find their creator and Victor.

D,DF,F Punch = fireball (in pic)
D,DF,F Kick = flying head butt
F,DF,D Punch = 3rd arm comes out and punch
D,DB,B Kick = starts flying, repeat to stop
D,DB,B Punch = eyebeam blast from his shoulder eye
B,DB,D Punch = fireball that stays still in mid-air
B,F Punch = throw an arm, it claws opponent
D,U Kick = Jon Talbain's flash kick
D,D Punch = Rikou's arm turns to crab claws as he punches

Super moves
D,DF,F,D,DF,F Punch = body splits up, attack opponent from all sides
D,DB,B,D,DB,B Punch = charge opponent clawing like a mad man

Dark Force
Eve helps fight

Adam is sewing up his right leg
flies in from the sky
(vs Eve) both of them stop reading the book
(vs Victor) shows him the book

Winning stances
laughs and flies away
thumbs up with 3 arms (3rd arm inside abdominal pops out)

Losing stance
falls apart (in separate pieces)

an arm starts to fall off, and he quickly puts it back

Dizzy icon

Adam's stage
It's the lab where he woke up.

D,DF,F punch = ground fireball
F,D,DF punch = head butt and toss opponent
D,DB,B punch = start to fly, repeat to stop
D,DF,F kick = flying kick (in pic)
F,D,DF kick = Felicia's Delta kick
D,DB,B kick = rapid kick
B,F kick = slide, not attack

D,DF,F,D,DF,F punch = ground explosion
D,DF,F,D,DF,F kick = spirit leaves body and possess opponent, opponent will attack himself / herself.

Dark Force
Adam helps fight

crashes from sky, reattach wings
sharpens her nails with file, extend claws
(vs Adam) both of them stop reading the book
(vs Victor) calls to Victor, but he shocks her

Winning stances
cheers and flies away
lean over and ask for directions

Losing stance
falls down, spirit leaves body

begins to fall asleep, but quickly wakes up

Dizzy icon

Eve's stage
It's the lab where she woke up.

They met their creator and he turns out to be a mad scientist. He orders them to destroy the world. He will make a new world order and be God. You can choose to...

...destroy the world : Adam and Eve go on a murderous rampage. They became the most feared monsters across the land. However, the world is too big to destroy, so the creator never ruled the world.

...disobey their creator : Adam and Eve learned many things during their travels, like what is good and evil. They refuse, and the mad scientist attacks them out of rage. Adam kills him. Now they leave to new and uncharted lands. They begin a new race and repopulate the wastelands of the demon world.